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Bea Quintero

Core Sculpt and Power Vinyasa

While originally from Colombia, Bea has lived in Miami most of her life.

She has been practicing pilates for a decade and began her journey as a teacher four years ago. Bea sees movement as the path to release and uplift, and finds that her purpose is to help others share the experience. One of her greatest passions is fusing movement and music, so you can look forward to high-energy sessions with great beats!

Luisa Polito

Power Vinyasa and Core Beats

Luisa (Lu) is a 200-hour RYT passionate about facilitating mindful movement by creating intentional, powerful vinyasa classes fueled by curated playlists.

Ana Cristina Vila

Power Vinyasa


For Anacris, also known as @yogana.official from Guatemala, yoga has become a daily practice and a tool for finding herself in a balanced and peaceful mindset.    To her, it is a safe place that creates discipline and challenges herself and the students. She has learned to integrate yoga outside the mat knowing that this practice has given her the ability to feel what we call “yoga high”. She is a firm believer that yoga should be shared.

Isa Maldonado

Power Vinyasa, Core Sculpt and Core Beats

Meet Isa, aka @isa_flows. Specializing in power vinyasa, she adds a unique twist with classes like Core Sculpt (using weights & props) and CoreBeats Power Flow (focused on music and free flow).

Isa's teachings extend beyond the mat, emphasizing the importance of flowing on and off it. Join her for a transformative journey, embracing strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in every session.

Rosita Durán

Power Vinyasa and Body Sculpt


Originally from Ecuador, Rosita Duran is a Conscious Parenting Coach and Certified Yoga Teacher. For her, Yoga is about giving. She tries to make every class a unique experience. Classes with Rosita are challenging and push you to your limits both physically and emotionally but most importantly she makes you connect with your body, heart and intuition while guiding her students with love and compassion.


Through her classes she invites you to disconnect from the outside world and noise and truly connect with your inner world and heart.

Luisa Carnevali

Power Vinyasa and Restorative Flow with Sound bath


Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, Luisa grew up with high impact sports, ballet and flamenco. Growing up in a fast paced environment, it was difficult for Luisa to live in the present. Once she discovered Yoga and sound healing, the practice led to a much needed unraveling of a difficult childhood, suppressed emotions, as well as inherent strengths and resources she wasn't previously aware of. As she dove deeper into the practice, she experienced the amazing benefits this beautiful practice can provide. It's an adventure of a lifetime with oneself by always unlocking something new. Through Yoga, Luisa found a safe space to heal and let go. Thus, she completed a 200hour Yoga Teacher Certification, meditation certification and is currently completing a trauma informed yoga certificate.

Dana Asturi

Kundalini, Power Flow and Core Sculpt


From Argentina, Dana is a wellness coach specializing in building healthy habits of mind, body and spirit. She is also a fitness trainer and is certified in Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (220 RYI). 


She loves sports, reading and life in the outdoors. She believes her purpose is to help women transform themselves around the world.

Daniela Andrea

Restorative Flow and Sound bath

Dalani’s path to yoga started from a young age. The art of calming the breath and anxiety through movement really fascinated her. In 2016, Dalani became a 300RYT, with an emphasis on krama yoga and therapeutic alignment. In 2018, Dalani deepened her studies through therapeutic pilates. Today, you can practice every Monday night at 7:30pm with Dalani at Core Lab. The intention is to unwind and reset the nervous system, a wonderful way to start the new week ahead.

Nicole Mavris

Restorative Flow and Sound bath, Vinyasa, Reiki

Nicole Mavris is a certified yoga instructor and reiki practitioner. She has been practicing yoga since 2009 and has been teaching since 2017. She completed her Reiki training in 2016 with Healing Arts Pathways and completed her Yoga Teacher Training in 2017 with Green Monkey.

Nicole enjoys customizing her yoga classes based on the students needs for maximum benefits. She focuses on alignment and breath, making sure the students feel amazing physically, spiritually and mentally throughout and after the practice.


Build strength and flexibility while connecting to your breath and staying present. Come join Nicole on the mat to flow, strengthen, stretch, breathe and feel completely at bliss. After class expect a sound healing with different instruments to help relax your mind and body even further.

Mica de la Cruz

Power Vinyasa


Mica's class is intentional movement and a powerful flow for all levels.

Mica is a Miami native and the founder of Gemme Health, a mindfulness workshop. She has been practicing the art of yoga and meditation for over a decade.


"My yoga and meditation practice has become my greatest teacher, it has led me to discover myself. In showing up for you, you are better able to show up for others in this world."


Mica is a certified RYT - 200 and Integrative Nutritionist and Health Coach via IIN. Follow her at

Sophia Parra

Sophia, a 200 Hr RYT yoga instructor from Colombia, specializes in hatha, vinyasa, and yin yoga. She passionately explores the mind-body-spirit connection, guiding practitioners to understand the body's language and find meaning in sensations and emotions. Her classes blend traditional and innovative techniques, incorporating sound baths, aromatherapy, and meditation into the practice, fostering self-awareness and inner harmony for students of all levels.



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